LBTL: What was on the Shopping List?

Living below the line definitely gets harder, especially when you’re working. My concentration was flailing and I was completely exhausted by the end of the day. In terms of quantity, I’m not eating that differently from normal but having to budget so carefully means I’m focusing on meals far more. I’ve been enjoying(?) the meals I’ve been making so far, but I know that the mundaness of it will set in later this week. So here are my meals from Day 2:

Day 2:

A pretty good spread!


Toast is boring

Scrambled in the office microwave!

Scrambled in the office microwave!

Scrambling eggs in the microwave was a little tricky, because they briefly turned into a hard but foamy disc, which needs to be literally ‘scrambled’. The trick seems to be cooking them a little at a time on a lower heat, scrambling, and then repeating that process until they’re the right consistency. Although they look slightly insipid, they tasted pretty good!

The chocolate mousse however was clearly the winner at 4.5p. A bit concerned about what what they put in it though…

Pasta minus cat food hot dogs

Pasta minus the cat food hot dogs








Full Shopping List
Anyone who wants to do this challenge will probably be most curious about what’s on the detailed shopping list.

Top tip: Shop around at a couple of supermarkets to find the cheapest options, but look online to save you the legwork if you can. At least roughly plan your meals beforehand or you’ll probably end up with a random assortment of items.

15 eggs £1.25
Mixed veg £0.89
Tomato paste £0.37
Bread £0.45

Milk £0.49
Hot dogs £0.50
Baked beans £0.24
Spaghetti £0.20
Stock cubes £0.20
20 tea bags £0.15
Mousse £0.18

Total: £4.92

I’m pretty happy with my choices minus the hot dogs. Steering clear of meat would definitely have been a good idea: a reminder of how hard protein is to come by when you’re living on so little.

This is reminding me more than anything how much we take food for granted, how much we spend on it, and how little we can live on if we have to. But, constant budgeting is grating, and takes up a huge amount of your mental space and energy. I am fortunate to be among the minority that can take food, drink, shelter, and health for granted.

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