Living Below the Line for International Service

From this Sunday, I will be ‘living below the line’ for 5 days, in order to raise funds for a Right to Education project in Palestine. I will be leading a team of UK and local volunteers in order to set up skills-based courses and workshops in and around the West Bank, in order to combat massive youth unemployment. This has been a huge barrier to opportunities within Palestine and needs to be addressed. I will be working with International Service, an amazing charity that uses human rights to underpin their development work.

The project is 90% funded by the Department for International Development (Dfid) and the other 10% is raised by the Team Leaders and Volunteers themselves. The proceeds go directly towards the International Citizen Service scheme and the charities. None of the proceeds go towards my placement.

As part of my fundraising efforts, I will be living below the extreme poverty line at £1/day for 5 days. ‘Live Below the Line’ has already raised huge amounts of money towards alleviating poverty, and helps people to understand the daily challenges of living in extreme poverty.Lack of nutrition affects your energy levels, motivations, and even your abilities to enjoy the basic things in life. I will working full-time while taking part and am aware of the impact it might have on my concentration levels (not to mention my caffeine-deprived mood!)

While this is true, it remains an artificial challenge because the money will only cover my food and drink, and not my travel, accommodation, clothing, medical care and myriad other needs. I am however really excited to begin my challenge this Sunday and hope that you will support me!

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