Rape to be renamed ‘fake’, says Delhi police

The Delhi police has recently unveiled plans to rename ‘rape’ as ‘fake’ as a response to recent media reports which reportedly show police officers explaining that rape is the fault of the victims. The Delhi Police Commissioner states: “All women who come forward to report cases of rape are loose women with no morals and therefore we believe that it’s time ‘rape’ was renamed to reflect its true nature in the national capital as ‘fake’.”

According to made up and unsubstantiated police figures, only 1-2% of reported rape cases are real. In the rest of the cases, it is because the woman asked for money, dressed provocatively, drank in bars, travelled late at night and happened to be born a woman. “Rape ‘victims’, as it were, are really just liars who believe they will receive money if they pretend to be raped. They are loose women who are trying to trap an innocent man by playing with his emotions,” said the Police Commissioner.

In a contentious move, the Delhi Police has confirmed that they will “begin workshops which will sensitise our male police officers to the devious acts by women who claim to be raped because they want to take our money and ruin our morality.” They are also in the process of establishing a Special Ops branch for the moral police.

As women are no longer allowed to work past 8pm in Gurgaon, the police force has also decided to put measures in place to ensure that those wearing provocative clothing (detailed as skirts, tight-fitting or low-cut t-shirts) are no longer allowed out on the streets of Delhi. The Commissioner clarifies: “By wearing such things, they are obviously asking for rape; they only do it to corrupt this nation’s men. It is time the accused receive some justice, they were only exercising their freedom of movement.”

Women’s rights activists have expressed concerns at legally renaming the act of ‘rape’ and are calling for an immediate retraction of these comments by the police.

Many cops in the Delhi police force have expressed outrage at this egregious assertion against their communal character.  “The two finger test we do to determine a woman’s virginity proves that this new measure will help protect our nation’s men. If it’s a Delhi girl, we know for a fact it was fake.”

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