Things should no longer be said, say offended people

In a dramatic move by the Government of India, things are no longer allowed to be said due to the “hurt sensibilities” of different religious and cultural communities in India. Following on a recent trend to stop things from being said, the Government of India has finally introduced legislation in the form of the Do Not Talk Act 2012, following the Your Opinions Are Wrong Bill 2011. A team of prominent lobbyists, activists and members from both civil society and the Government have been in the process of drafting the bill for several months now; it was finally passed by parliament on 23 January 2012.

Experts explain that the provisions of this act will most definitely stop things from being said: “Anything which offends the moral, political, cultural and social sensibilities of any of our many religious communities are not to be said by the residents of this country, due to national security concerns.”  The provisions of the bill include the spoken word (such as talking and conversation), the written word (such as articles and novels) and all social media. The Telecomm’s Minister says: “We must eliminate all objectionable and incendiary content on social media sites, as the sentiments of all sensible people are being hurt. For this reason, we will censor, I mean, pre-screen all uploaded content by the people of this county and the rest of the world.”

The Act also makes it clear that people who say things will suffer the consequences of either death by lynch mob or confiscation of all their worldly possessions.

A spokesperson from the Offended Party of India explains: “People are saying things, which is just not appropriate in a traditional society like ours. We must stop this now before communal riots begin.” India has a long history of communal riots due to things being said, where an estimated total of 2 people have been grievously injured.

This has sparked protests around the country, where the father of saying things, Salmon Fushty, has been unceremoniously booted out due to fake intelligence from police authorities. He is now being hailed as a champion and symbol of speaking.

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4 Responses to Things should no longer be said, say offended people

  1. Robi says:

    Cutting and insightful, but communal riots have killed thousands of people, not two. Perhaps words did incite the riots, but it is more likely that religion makes idiots out of civilized human beings. That’s all I disagree on.
    It was funny seeing Chetan Bhagat defending the Government’s stance on Salman Rushdie when that same Government is taking away the freedom of speech that allows him to perpetuate his oral and written flatulence. In the end, Chetan really didn’t want Rushdie to show up because he would have grabbed more of the limelight, and superstar Chetan Bhagat simply cannot have that. So, in jealousy, he sucks up the Government to get his way. Sad, communist country.

    • nankichawla says:

      Thank you :). Just a note of clarification – ‘two’ was chosen as an arbitrary number, as I was referring merely to the number of people ‘injured’ because of social media content, which is in fact none. But perhaps I should make that more clear.
      Haha – the phrase ‘oral and written flatulent’ is brilliant. I’m not a huge fan of Chetan Bhagat either – I don’t know if he’s necessarily quite that petty, but anyone who doesn’t appreciate the importance of freedom of expression automatically loses my respect. And his books aren’t brilliant anyway.
      I wouldn’t say India’s communist in the true sense of the word; it’s slowly turning into a capitalist machine like the rest of the ‘developed’ world, but with a bizarre ‘theocratic’ paradox. It’s just ironic that Richard Dawkins was there, but Rushdie wasn’t.

    • The Sorcerer says:

      Honestly I couldn’t make heads or tails out of Chetan Bhagat’s short interview. He said he was invited to such talks and he take the invite because he didn’t want to talk about- so did he talk about it here?? I think he proved Narayan Murthy’s point that the quality of IIT graduates are falling down. His comments, speeches and all that is going way above my head.

      There’s also the internet censorship where the cartoon against corruption was shut down. Check this out:

      It IS corporate lobbying. Its the only logical reasoning. One of the senior journalist becoming a part of Prime minister’s media team, Reliance and Airtel shunning down file sharing (fact: out of all the people who download, filesharing is something that is done by a lot less people even compared to torrents and maybe even those guys who exchange flash drives like in old days) whenever their useless and mentality degrading (no disrespect to people who like it, but people like it because they don’t a chance to see better stuff- like norweigian movies) movies come out and then there’s a cartoonist who made a satircal cartoon about the government and all they had to do was for the police to call BigRock and intimidate to shut it down- no paperwork whatsoever. Does anyone talk about it? No!!!

      They’re using censorship of literature and censorship of the internet to control something that was not meant to be controlled. Information is power and you control power by stifling the way it flows and when you do, you get power. This is no different from SOPA, PIPA and ACTA. I believe there’s counterfeit bill that might be ammended in United States at the same time when our government is giving a push for the privacy bill where rumour says that one of the person in this team- the same time when the senior journo became prime minister’s media advisor in a team- Barkha Dutt. She’s even warning people on the internet that she will sue people. Ironic, isn’t it?

      Religion is wrongly used as a weapon by a groups of people who claim that they represent a particular religion. Its been proven more than 1 times in our history and yet we do not learn and adapt from our history. Its the people who practice religion (of all people) should know that their respected religion should not be used as a weapon.

      I might be wrong at some point over here, maybe I am not- or maybe there’s more to it. I tried to educate people about internet censorship but some people are scared to talk about it and/or some people don’t care. But its not going ahead. This is relevant and very much connected with corruption because people are being bribed to shut people up. If this is something that something happening with literature censorship and something happening all over the world, its obvious that there is a massive support from the corporates and media barons who own labels globally want something that is far more precious- flow of information.

      We all need to sit, talk and plan to have a massive nationwide movement. Because once laws are made to gag people, innocent people can be thrown in jails and have similar jail sentence as of killers, rapists and thieves.

      Check out twitter hashtag #internetcensorshipindia and I’ve been communicating to as much people as possible as I can one by one. Please spread the message if you believe so.

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